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Larry has extensive experience in composition, arranging and songwriting. This experience base helps Larry to focus on the skills you need as a developing composer/arranger/songwriter.

Here are some credentials:

  • radio airplay on 100+ NPR jazz stations for most recent CD "C is for Cosmopolitan" (composition/arranging)
  • six fully produced CDs and many demos (composition/arranging/songwriting)
  • pop music demos for many emerging artists (arranging)
  • >100 original musical theater/pop/jazz/blues songs with multiple lyricists (composition/songwriting)
  • Thousands of downloads from iTunes/CDBaby/Napster/Rhapsody/etc. (composition/arranging/songwriting)
  • Two full musical theater shows (composition/songwriting)
  • 1000 backup tracks, backup tracks for multiple full musical theater shows and many satisfied clients as work for hire
  • Sacred genre -- original choral compositions and arrangements performed in public
  • Larry has been composing since childhood. He has produced hundreds of works in the classical, jazz, musical theater, pop and rock genres.